should i switch

so i am a fan of duncan and i have their yoyos from the 1930s to the newest yoyo they make and i’ve got t-shirts,gloves, and everything and i kind of been sucked in to yoyo jam with the dark magic so since i’m such a big fan of duncan what should i do switch or stay p.s. i want to stay and then i dont and i kind of wanted to be on a certain team so please reply with what you think PLEASE :-\

Okay, first of all, don’t worry about any sort of “team” that you’d want to be on, just yoyo.

2nd, play with whatever yoyo you want, don’t just limit yourself to Duncan or YYJ! There are tons of brilliant manufacturers out there! Who knows? Maybe you will like them more! But don’t feel like you HAVE to go out and buy different throws just because I said so. It’s okay to play with yoyos from all different companies

Even if you were going to get sponsored by Duncan, they dont care what yoyo youre using. If they want you, they want you…

Dude don’t worry about being on a certain team. Everyone has throws from probably multiple companies(i’m talking like sponsored people). They don’t care if you throw other people’s products, just don’t do it in a video. And the only way to get sponsored pretty much is to be epic at competitions, or like super involved in the community(if that is a way, i’m not sure). Just enjoy throwing and if you get sponsored than great, but if you like other yo-yo’s than play them, you only get one life to live. You might as well enjoy it while you can.