Should I make my signature yoyo?

So I have some friends who do signature yoyos for some people that are willing to do it for about $2500, the yoyo will be caled the traveler, named after my instagram yoyotraveler2022.


Do you know exactly what you want in a yoyo?
Do you want to sell them?


Also, do you have 2500$ to spend on a yoyo run?


I have no idea what it takes to make a signature yoyo or any of the work needed but the better question. what are you wanting to get out of doing a signature yoyo?


Just so u know, just buying a bunch of different yoyos and trying them out to find one that will fit closest to ur needs will be a lot cheaper and easier than making a sig.

Its not easy to design yoyos, u will have to hire a good designer and know exactly what u want in a yoyo and effectively convey it to him. U might have to do protos, which will drive the cost a lot higher. Also u need to hire a machine shop that has experience with machining yoyos. All in all its a lot of work and headache.


I don’t think that $2500 is a good price. It actually seems like a terrible price. What’s your plan? Make 200 yoyos just for yourself? It definitely seems like you’re jumping way ahead in the process, you need to do some real research.

I did all this for the first time in 2018, which you can read about here: Yoyo CAD & Prototyping Adventures

My initial foray into yoyo design took a couple months of CAD practice and about $650 of money invested.

If you were looking to make your own cool thing, you can hire a reputable yoyo designer who can walk you through the process.


Yeah dude you’re getting scammed if someone’s charging you that much lmao


Why do you think you need a signature yoyo, or deserve one for that matter? Signature yoyos are usually made for a sponsored player by the company that sponsors the player.


Ultimately its a question you have to answer for yourself. Whatever you do don’t spend more money than you can afford to lose. As you look around it is likely more difficult to make a yoyo that is significantly and meaningfully different than whats already around.


Well it depend are you asking us about like lazar engravings or the shape weight and stuff like that

Not at that price. Hire a designer, get a good CAD made, contact FPM for a quote for a 5 piece proto.

Should run you under 1k depending on the project materials and complexity


You sound like you know what your talking about

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If you have the money, utilize whatever guidance you can and make that sig! I think it’s awesome. :man_shrugging:

Not sure if this was supposed to be facetious. I have 2 projects in the works and 2 which are done :slight_smile: it’s been fun

Someone who works for FPM or someone scamming pretending to be FPM messaged me on facebook randomly seeing if I was interested in making a yoyo. Has anyone else gotten a message like that? Monica from FPM?

Monica is from FPM. They occasionally reach out to random members probably to drive up interest.

I haven’t dealt with her yet since I primarily deal with either Nikki or Wendy. I believe @IoSonoFormaggio is currently working with Monica so he can advise.


I thought it seemed legit. Just wasn’t sure with people like watieoboo on there nowadays. She seemed nice. I aint got that type of money though ha.

I meant this literally you do sound like you know what your doing I wish I had two yoyos in the works and two that are done thats great for you

Haha my bad, never know with the internet. Appreciate the kind words, if you need more info when you are ready to go into possibly making your own feel free to reach out.

Monica was from FPM and now handling inquiries for customers like Nikki, she quite approachable from asking my questions regarding price quotes for my designs