Create-Your-Own YoYo

YoYoeXpert should make a DIY section so yoyoers can create there own yoyo.

Just a thought

yeah that would be cool id make a pink plastic 888

Having an actual, playable, yoyo made is a whole nother story… Totally would not work and would be a complete waste of time and money, for everyone… I suppose you want to pay about $1,000 for ONE yoyo that you THINK you MIGHT like?

Bit of an exaggeration, but slightly true.

Honestly, that’s not too big of an exaggeration because not only would you need to pay for the time, you would need to pay for the resources and the machining time and everything. Plus, it’s not just a weekend thing to design a yoyo. Ask any designer how long it takes; I would guess at least a week minimum to get through the designing process.

despite how long it would take, it would still be cool

It’s also very hard to get something that’s unique, as well as super expensive to get them to actually do anything.

Now if you mean just to have fun designing stuff, you can find CAD software out there.