Should I learn gt laceration or hook first?


Just want to know which one is recommended to learn first.


D’oh, deleted my original reply… I missed the “GT” part in my answer, which makes my answer completely different… now my answer is: Either. Both. Learn them both at the same time. :wink:


i like hooks a lot! i use it a lot, and i feel like it has way more use than a GT laceration… the only place you really use GT lacerations is at the end of the trick, while i use hooks a lot more. also i feel like GT lacerations are way harder then hooks.
so in my opionen, learn the hook :smiley:


I couldn’t get the GT for the life of me until after I learned hook, just to get the motion down and everything. But I don’t see why you couldn’t learn them the other way around.


I want to learn an over-hook. But I don’t even have GT Laceration or regular hook dialled in perfectly yet. :wink:


Whichever one you land first you end up learning both fairly quickly just a matter of time if you do 2 or 1 string wraps. But as for me I learned GT laceration first then hook but that’s me it’s different for everyone.

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I learned gt laceration (brent stole) and i still havent learned hook. im not a big fan of lacerations but they do look cool, i just wouldnt use any in competition, unless i made one up (which i havent) anyway yeah i learned brent stole first, and still havent learned hook


I can hook but can’t do a Brent stole, I’ve hit Brent stoles on accident while trying to hook though


Shouldn’t make a big difference. I intentionally learned Brent Stole first. After figuring out exactly how the string moves in a Brent Stole, I tried hook. Hit it on my first try. Once you understand the physics of the string and yoyo in the trick, it is a lot easier to figure out what you need to improve in terms of technique to consistently hit the trick. Good luck! :slight_smile:


A GT laceration is the exact same motion as a hook except for the motion with your dominant hand of pushing the string in front of the slack to loop around the yoyo. I learned GT laceration first but it was a hard path that I wouldn’t suggest.


I learned hook first. My head says “hook!!,” but my heart says “gt laceration.” Gt laceration is just easier for someone like me who has them both down because your finger only has to hold one string.


I found hook 10X easier.


Some day I will be able to do a hook… Have never landed one yet.



I’m the compete opposite. I can nail the brent stole, but I almost always end up in a knot when trying the hook.


Ok so I can do the gt laceration now, couldn’t do it till I tried to do hook and realized what was going on. Also I think these tricks would also be WAY easier the longer your string is (besides accidental ground hits)


Huh…I can do GT laceration but with pretty low consistency, but I have never once landed a hook. I’ve watched the slow-mos and everything. Freaking magic going on I say.


I have landed it, once. I did a triple take when it actually happened, I’ve attempted hooks until I couldn’t lift my arm before… I’ve also landed them a few times with the wrong string (so it’s got some backwards weirdness going on). The ease with which some people land it leaves me staggered.

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I’d say Hook. I learned it first, and it gives you the similar motion to GT, BUT IT’s easier to land than GT in my opinion.


Ok guys, update:
I learnt gt laceration and I can hit it about 7/10 times if I’m warmed up. Working on hitting it from jumping out of trapeze because it’s sort of awkward hitting it from a sleeper. Still can’t get hook but I haven’t really tried that much. I’m working on some tech and also trying to be able to think of tricks to do when I’m just standing there in random locations. Thanks for the discussion so far was interesting!