should I get a quadruple extra large?

So, I have the chance to get a werrd 4xl, without stacks, Is it worth it? Can I have your guy’s opinions?

I think you should have Born2YoYos input on this one… ;D

I personally loved my 4XL.

Completely worth it.

And agreed.

nope, you should wait for the new werrd line which is way better.

wow new record! 3 posts in less then 2 minutes

Is it worth it without the stacks?

Definatly get it, then find some hats for it, so awesome, i am sure ben (born2yoyo) can hook you up with some hats rings and bearings if you are interested.

ilke, I have the choice to get it without or with hats. Hats add like $25, I think I could save money by getting plain old yyf hubstacks. Are jimmy hats THAT awesome?

Jimmy hats are like… Z-stacks? or T stacks. Whatever you call them. Or… Synergy caps too. :stuck_out_tongue: And yes. Get the XXXXL. They, are, AWESOME.

He was talking about the 4XL. And I personally think it’s worth it without the stacks if you aren’t desperate for them.

Meh jimmy hats are good if you dont already have a yoyo with stacks which ever type they may be, but if you already have yoyo’s with stacks and you have the opertunity to get a XXXXL with out hats I would go with that option.

4XL = XXXXL, no? ???

I’m thinking someone must have misunderstood someone