Werrd 4xl

Does the one yoyoexpert is selling have hubstacks (or jimmy hats)?


Well then is it compatible with either?

Probably. Almost all werrds are stackable.

4xls will take hubstacks and jimmyhats just fine

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Will I have to mod it or will they fit right in like hubstacks fit with yyf yoyos?

It’ll work just like the yyf hubstacks. Just fits in.

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Will YYF Z-stacks work too?


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What size bearing would they use (the hubstacks)


Yep, I just tried it. Works great!

I have each of my 4xL’s set up alittle differently, lots of options to mess around with and find your preference.

Is it possible to use them with just one bearing?

Sure is… Get yourself a Werrd Spacer Set
Send an email to werrd at werrd dot com to order…

you can try an 'o’ring from Jimmy Hats (or hubstacks) and a red YYJ spacer on top of it - bush mechanic style…