Should I change the response on my Legacy? Help with snap starting yo-yo's.


I was planning on changing the response on my Legacy from recessed silicon to O-rings. Should I do this?

Also, I need help with snap starting yo-yo’s.


having O-rings well make it a bit more responsive and help with your snap start trouble.


I have a Legacy on the way, so I don’t know how well it plays with the silicon, but on my Axiom, I love it. I like them as unresponsive as I can get.

When I do snap starts, I tend to rotate my wrist in the direction I want the yoyo to spin (to give it more momentum) as I snap my fingers. I feel that I personally can’t get it spinning enough by my fingers alone. I can’t really think of a good analogy for the motion, maybe the way you’d turn the knob on a door, but a little harder.


I’ve been trying to do the snap start too, and every time I snap it, it spins in all directions at once. It’s pretty hugly.

But yeah -leave the response on the legacy. Unresponsive is wayyy better imo. The recessed silicone also means that you have more time to practice tricks with 3-5 layers of string in the gap. It won’t bind or slow unless you want it do. The down side is that sometimes it won’t bind or slow even when you want it to. My binds have improved 179.62% (ish) since getting my Legacy.


The Legacy’s recess isn’t deep enough for normal o-rings.