Should I better stop using metal yoyos for 5a?

Normally, I dropped my yoyo 3~5 times a day using a YYF Supernova. It drops more than 50 times by now although it is still stable in yoyoing. Should I better go back for a plastic yo to protect my Supernova? Or is it okay to continue freehand play with it??
I am serious, when I practise 5a I drop 5 times a day!!! Is it any possible way to prevent dings?

Only if your yoyo is in semi bad condition would I use it. Most people’s skill level in 5a does not require a good yoyo, so I’d use the yoyo that’s in the worst condition.

What will happen to a metal yoyo when it being dropped too many times?? Will it become less stable or less responsive?? My Supernova has become very non-responsive :frowning:

run what ya brung.

Have a yoyo for 5a and dont care about the condish. I like metal yoyos so much better for 5a than plastics but thats just my opiniononion.

Dropping your metal yoyo wont hurt it. Keep playing your Supernova.

It probably hurts you more than it hurts the yoyo.


Dropping a yoyo doesn’t make it less stable. Obviously, dropping a yoyo will hurt it a bit, but if you don’t mind a beat yoyo, you should be fine. I’m not sure if the supernova is 7075 aluminum, but if it is, you shouldn’t have to worry that much about hurting it. 7075 is really durable. It’s your decision. If you want to protect your supernova, switch to plastic, but at this, you might as well keep playing with it.

You might want to start playing over rug though. Rug doesn’t hurt a yoyo much.

If it’s in not great condition, I’d keep playing it as your 5a throw, unless you have few metal yoyos.

Dont tell anybody, but when youre sponsored the condition of yoyos matters wayyy less. To me anyway!

I know.

Dropping and dinging a metal yoyo shouldn’t affect it’s response or stability. For the most part the only affect besides the cosmetic damage could be the introduction of some vibe/wobble. So in other words:

This. ^

If your Supernova is getting slippy or having trouble binding then the problem is probably the response wearing out, so if it becomes a problem, just replace the response pads and it should fix the issue.

I have a Supernova Lite that is ‘well loved’ and covered in dings and scratches, but it still plays fine. If anything dinging a yoyo is somewhat to be expected with 5A play considering the potential for counterweight collisions and dropping yoyos, so the sooner you’re able to not let it bother you and just enjoy yourself without any fear or dings, the better off you’ll be. :slight_smile: