Well, I’m currently playing 5A.

What first metal Yo-yo will I get for counterweight throwing?

Just post the name of the Yo-yo, any preference will do for me. :slight_smile:

Just use something that you have already.

The Buddha King two. :stuck_out_tongue: Really though, start with a good plastic. Plastic Grind Machine’s are great 5a players.

And after observing your signature and join date, I highly doubt you understand what your siggy means…


^That pretty much covers it

you haven’t been on yye for more than 2 months. were you on a previous sight? if not, and you have only been yoyoing for about that amount of time, then dont get a full metal. dont do it. they are not cheep and all are fairly advanced. wait. plus, if you hit yourself with a metal, it will hurt much more than with a plastic. if anything, get a metal rim yoyo, or a PGM. those are great 5A