Shot fired. Apparently the police can't be bothered


Around midnight my time(I’m normally up until 2AM most nights anyways), I heard a low brakes screech sound. No alarms there, I hear similar all the time, as a neighbor has people in and out at all hours. But, right after, I heard what I think were 6 shots. Very close by. Not at my house. Doesn’t appear any property damaged or anything hurt here. Kids and wife in back rooms upstairs, no harm, no worries. Pugs asleep on the sofa, doing great. Me? Upstairs in the computer room, closest to the line of fire but I think in all actuality. I think this was a second misguided retaliation upon a house where the person who is supposed to be the intended victim has been gone for well over a year. I guess criminals and idiots with handguns don’t check properly records. Not sure if I heard shell casings, but I’m fairly sure it was handguns.

Worse part was I didn’t have my cell phone on me. Had to run to the bedroom to get it, then go make the call.

Called 911. They say they’ll send someone out immediately. Been over 100 minutes at this point. Good thing no harm here. Makes me angry nobody has shown up.

I kinda dislike late night excitement like this.

Anyhow, all is safe here. Hopefully all is safe elsewhere. Last time something like this happened, it was late afternoon and several bullets went through a van, the garage door and most lodged into the house. Nobody at that house got hurt, thank goodness.


I’m extremely happy that nothing happened to you or your family. What you heard was probably someone dinging his new metal throw :smiley:


Reminds me of something from 2 or 3 years ago. My apartment was right across the street from a pretty popular convenience store in the middle of a major college campus. This was actually the place the police hung out all day because they got free food/drinks.

Basically, I was just outside on the deck having a cig at maybe 2 am and saw 2 guys come from behind that building and one, head covered by a towel, found a large rock and just started throwing it against the glass door. At this point, I whipped out the cellphone and called the cops.

Finally, when the door was shattered, the 2 guys moved back behind the building and disappeared into the apartment complex over the way. I’m on the phone with the operator saying “I am watching people breaking in right now. The door is shattered. If you come right now they’re just standing here.” “Ok sir, we have officers in route”. They were trying to get my name, but I wasn’t in for that. I can help, but I don’t want to get into this mess.

Minutes later another guy reappears and walks into the convenience store. “Did you send anyone? The guy is in the store right now”. “Yes they’re in route”. Asking my name again. No. Finally the guy reappears with a trashbag full of whatever and just walks back around. “They’re not there anymore, you might as well forget it.” “Officers should be there any second”.

Officers NEVER came, even hours later. We even had our own campus pd stationed just a mile up the road in addition to the city cops. I just thought that was pitiful. I thought about walking down there and telling the owner the next day but I saw no good really coming from it.


Man, the police in your city are lazy if they don’t show up for stuff like that imagine what an important call is to them.


Let’s try and stay away from bashing a specific profession directly like this. There are a lot of people on YoYoExpert from all types of professions.

sorry…you’re right of course


Update and sorry for the necro.

I found the house that got shot up. It wasn’t the one at the end of the street, but the one on a corner(2 hours away from the house I thought was getting shot up). I’ve been too slammed with stuff recently to really check things out like I usually do.

I have been in contact with the police over this and they said “we only received one call regarding this issue”. That must have been mine. Come on, gunshots. That’s nothing to be screwing with or trivializing. Apparently nobody got hurt, which is good. But, two gunshot incidents within 6 months of each other… That’s NOT acceptable.

I guess with all the burglaries, home invasion robbers, drug dealers and grow hours in the area, I guess it’s just become part of the background noise to authorities. That’s why myself and other neighbors are regularly wandering the neighborhood and when we see something wrong, we immediately report it. We’re not actively getting involved, but we are actively looking around and trying to spot problems and report them.


I’ll refrain from comment. I got called on the carpet the last time I did. :-[



Cops are now claiming they investigated. I did too. I found the house with the bullet holes.

Problem is resolving itself.

Yesterday, I was out doing “poop patrol” so that way my two pugs have a “fresh canvas” upon which to “create”. Within a minute of being outside, I notice an electrical-type burning smell over-powering a wood burning smell. Within 2 minutes, I heard a LOT of sirens. Fire trucks. I knew something was going down and nearby.

Turns out it was the same house that got 6 bullets pumped into it. Wow. I mean wow in both a bad and a good way. Wow, those poor folks are now dealing with a house fire, and WOW, emergency vehicles got their super fast. Fire didn’t spread much, I think they also managed to contain the fire to the mostly the garage area, and they cut down/out the garage door. They did cut through the roof as well. They had it apparently out within 30 minutes. They did some poking around for another hour before calling it done.

Rumors are already spreading as to why it happened. I’m not going to repeat anything.

I have no idea how extensive the damage is. All I do know is that they have a hole in the roof and great big plywood panels where a garage door used to be.

I think another chapter in neighborhood stupidity might be closed.

There was a fire further down that same road a few months ago. 3 people died. This happened while I was out of town.

With the new digital power meters, the indoor grow houses have been unable to bypass them without causing alarms. Excessive power usage also causes alarms. Between those two issues, that has pretty much shut down indoor grow houses.


Dude, move out of that neighborhood lol.


Maybe you should use your sound equipment and host a “fire safety” party for your neighborhood.


Lol that doesn’t seem like a happy family more or less a family that can communicate with each other you might just might want to consider moving because that doesn’t seem too good


If I wasn’t upside down in this stupid mortgage, I would be.

This neighborhood doesn’t band together for anything. Too many renters who don’t care. A house is merely “resources to be exploited”. It’s not a race thing as I see this mentality with all races that move in. Too many people don’t respect themselves, much less those around them.

I’d love to fire the gear up, but here’s a reality: at WFO, my house can’t provide enough power!

See mortgage statement above.

There’s a few of us trying to “take back the neighborhood”. It CAN work.

A known crime area, the Oak Park area, not too far from me, is a crappy area, which is largely populated by black families. They got sick of the crime, and they did take back the area. How? They actually did what they knew they should be doing all the time: call the cops when they see problems. 2 years later, what have I personally witnessed? People in the area are now taking care of their properties, some businesses have opened and are doing good, and police incidences in the area are a tiny fraction of what they once were. The area is still crappy, but they people in there have changed their mindset completely. They have decided “we don’t have to live crappy, we can live nice”, and they have. It’s still crappy but that’s because many of the houses are older and there’s the typical urban decay going on, but that’s being addressed too. Homes are being repaired. Abandoned houses are being boarded up and monitored for activity. Those houses beyond salvation are being removed. Abandoned vehicles are being yanked.

Here, nothing is more than 10 years old. Myself and maybe 10 other families are essentially patrolling best we can looking for stuff and phoning it in.

I do want to move. I dislike it here. I find my best option is buying land and building on it.


That seems like a good plan