Short Preview for ECC!

Enjoy! Constructive criticism is welcome and any comments!

Yah! Yoyos Used: FHZ and Gnarwhal  ;D

lets go best

were gunna make it on yys i can just see it

Thanks! but don’t get ur hopes up… We never know.

i know man but i just have a feeling i mean were both nice care about the hobby and have major skill

As Khent said, don’t get too confident, be modest, or you’ll just make a fool out of yourself if you don’t make it.

i was just talking to him i know its a small chance but i love to yoyo and nothing stands in the way of that


Watch your back.

I’m coming for you this time glares

tee hee

Technically I cant unless theres a mirror then sure! LOL Cya there Pat!

Oh yeah, forgot to say I am competing…

Khent is probably going to beat me though.

naww man… Dont say that hu knows maybe u’ve improved. hehe

You guys competing in regular 1a? And Dope tots Khent!

is anybodyelse going to ECC??

No offense Khent, but you need to get more tricks in your arsenal. I’ve seen most of those tricks in your previous videos. You’re good, but I’d like to see new tricks. endConstructiveCriticism();

Can’t wait for ECC. It’s gonna be my first contest and hopefully I can place high enough. Are you going to regular or amateur?

Well I have alot of new tricks and I just need to smooth em’ out… Yeah I already won an Amateur freestyle so im doing regular goal is 14th Place

I’m going straight for Professional. Hope I get through prelims.