short Cream review

Look: I have the cream that is half black and half white. It looks cool!

Feel: The derlin is oily and slipy which makes awsome palm grinds!

Play: I am not a fan of full yoyos, but this thing rocks! It is smooth and realy unresponcive! It has nice tight binds and has a resonable amount of sleep times. No snags at all. One of my favorite yoyos. Kinda heavy. BEST PLASTIC/DERLIN OUT THERE!!!

Sleep times: compared to a dv888, about 85% of that. I has good sleep times but not out of this world. Just throw it harder and you can complete any trick. 7.5/10

Balance: The yoyo is fat and you would expect it not to have good balance but it does! Just not great for revolutions. 7.5/10

Smoothness: Realy smooth, no snags. I like to do smooth tricks that invole lots of swinging and complication and it is perfect for this. 9.5/10

Arm grinds: It is not metal but all most arm grinds as well as a bead blasted and anodised metal. 8.5/10

Thumb grinds: The little nubs or whatever you want to call it sometimes get in the way. It has a great thumb grinding lip. I knocked of 1 point because of the nub in the center. (I have big thumbs) 8.3/10

Finger grinds: Great! It feels oily when it stalls on your finger. 7.8/10

I am realy picky but I would totaly recomend this yoyo! So worth 50 bucks! My 3rd favorite! 1st 5 star! 2nd Dv888! 3rd Cream!

I will write more tommorow or the next day. My parents want me off the computer for the rest of the day and maybe tommorw. Including specs, pics, ect.

Cool little review there buddy!

i havent been able to jam my thumb into the space between the nub and lip yet :smiley:

From what you said i have to try it before i buy it

Nice review any ways

Updated a little bit, I will update more tommorow and the next day!

Nice review dude! :smiley:

Good review, James!