Shopping tabs

I love this site and everything about it, but I still want to give my two cents. Maybe there is a way to enlarge or come up with a way to make it easier to navigate the brands and throws in each brand.

Looking at different throws, sometimes the arrow goes off the yoyo tab just barley and now the process starts again

I will say it again, I am by bashing or complaining, but if I had to pick one thing to refine, this would be it.

I just tested it and I don’t seem to have that problem at all. If I’m in the pull down menus, I can run my cursor almost all the way to the edges of the screen before the pull down menu closes. If anything, it’s not sensitive enough and is too difficult to get them to go away.

Also, you can get around this pretty easily by just clicking the Shop button instead and navigating the throws from inside there. I much prefer doing it that way.