Shooting sport hobbyists!


Alright I know a few of you at least a bow and arrows but do any of you guys shoot stuff like Rifle, shotguns or stuff along those lines. So this is to talk about that kind of stuff all day like guns, rising ammo prices, bows and stuff like that.


I don’t shoot as a hobby, but I am an expert shot with pistols, rifles, and shotguns.


I am into airguns like hunting pellet rifles and pistols


neat I shoot air rifle with a team every Wednesday night in the fall into early spring. then this Sunday my 4-H .22 rifle practice starts up because it’s now competition season woo! As for now I am waiting to get more arrows for my recurve bow cause all the fletching flew off when I shot the arrows.


thats Awsome. I shoot a .22 air rifle. Do you shoot compressed air or spring loaded.


compressed because otherwise it’s too powerful and will affect accuracy because of the recoil spring loaded has.