Any airsofters out there?


Cause I have a few questions so please and thank u for your answers.

  1. In an Aeg to use semi auto does it require battery power like full auto? (Sorry I’m a noob at this lol)

  2. I would really like to have the crosman marines SR01, but I would prefer it in black. I’ve Seen a crosman Ready to play airsoft kit with a black rifle that looks exactly like it how do I know if its the same rifle?

  3. Know of any good spring rifles? :slight_smile:


No one?


No one?


I play pretty high level Airsoft! To answer your questions:

  1. Yes.
  2. check the model #?
  3. When you talk about spring rifles, what’s your price range? Bolt action rifles are some of my favorite guns, especially because of the relatively low maintenance and cost, as nice AEGs can cost hundreds of dollars, while you can get a decent bolt action from Echo 1 or J&G for a pretty low price.


Ok Ty and as for price range I don’t want to go over $50
I’m gonna sell my go kart for $500 soon so maybe a lil higher I don’t actually play airsoft I just shoot targets in my backyard I want to but my parents won’t let me :frowning: