Getting into Airsoft...

I’d like to get into Airsoft, but I’m not sure what companies are the best.

Any opinions on WE Airsoft?

It’s been a while since I’ve played but I plan to play again some day.

I used to buy my stuff from here and I’d recommend checking it out Airsoft GI. As for brands I know that Echo 1 and G&G are pretty good.

Before buying a gun you may want to figure out where you’re playing because some fields might not be good for Sniping or CQB. Also the group you play with may have some kind of rules about FPS caps and such.

And please do yourself a favor and buy some face protection whether it be full face mask or just glasses and a balaclava. I’ve seen too many people get chipped teeth…

I play every other week at an old warehouse. Ive been playing for two years now. Look for some Airsoft/paintball stores. I wouldn’t recommend places like Big5 or Dicks. They don’t usually sell quality guns/ammo. What I recommend to start with is a Full metal King Arms M4. It’s $200, but it is well worth it. Face protection and ammo is up to you, but NEVER choose .12 gram BB’s. pick .20 gram and above. WE, IMO makes good gas blow-black pistols. I run one as my side-arm. My main weapon is an upgraded M1A1. I also have some tactical gear, but it isn’t necessary when starting out.(unless you have the means to pay for it) The good thing about the M4 is there is endless customization to your needs. I hope this helps

Thanks guys! I appreciate the info.

I think I’ll go for the King Arms M4. I like the fact that it can be upgraded to fit my needs.

Yeah plus with M4/M16 you can barrow most anyone’s mags due to the model being so popular. If you play with a bunch of people you may put some kind of marker to tell your mag apart from theirs.