Airsoft help

(JET) #1

best beginner airsoft set up? (gun, face protection, body protection, ect)


Well as far as guns go you may want to hook up with a group and try stuff out to see what you like and such. For "BB"s get .20 gram or higher unless your gun shoots pretty low FPS. Some fields also require you play with biodegradable "BB"s so keep that in mind too.

As for face protection get shatterproof safety glasses paired with a Balaclava or a bandana (Seen people get their teeth chipped trust me cover your face up.)

You might also consider getting a paint ball mask but some people don’t like them since it’s harder to look down sights.

Body protection you’ll just want long pants and a jacket most people prefer to wear fatigues. Just look in your thrift stores and you’ll most likely find some.

You might check out Airsoftgi they have informational videos and everything gear wise you’d ever need.

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cool thanks


I’ve heard that the G&G combat machine is a good beginner Aeg. AirsoftGi has one o the best inventory’s an vids out there. I also like Redwolf Airsoft for their vids and selection.