Airsoft vs Parents

Hey! So, ive always wanted to get an airsoft gun, just for fun and backyard wars. But, my parents wont let me get one. I’m 13 and think that I an responsible enough for one, but they won’t listen. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!


What els can we say?

If you buy a pistol or a tommy gun from Walmart they are almost harmless.

If you get a really good one online then they can be harmful.

My brother has a $20 auto gun that is fun to play with, but doesnt shoot more than 20 or so feet.

I let him shoot me for fun and you cant feel it.

Do you have neighbors? Do you have any woods in your backyard.

Just tell them its NOTHING like a bebe gun.

They can not break anything like glass or vases (depends…) or patio stuff.

Unless you buy a good one, the cheaper ones wont break any windows.

But as a 13 yr old. I can see no reason why you cant have some fun in the backyard.

Do you have any siblings? Thats really the only issue if you have young brothers or sisters.




Thats another thing I should ad.

You should always wear safety glasses.

Sounds like you need to follow the golden rule.
“Them that gotz the gold makes the rules.”

As long as you wear safety glasses youll be fine

It’s all just fun and games until someone gets an eye put out.

At least that’s what my mom always told me ;).

In my opinion, mouth protection is just as important as face protection. I play MilSim operations, and it’s common to see people without proper mouth protection to get teeth chipped or knocked out. A friend of mine was using little mouth protection, and took a 450-500 FPS .30 gram pellet to the teeth from a DMR less than 100 feet away (of course this DMR was breaking the rules engaging from less than 100 feet). Next thing you know, the lower half of one of his teeth was gone.

Be responsible and make sure not to play in public. Keep the orange tip on the gun unless you’re at a field, and even then, you may want to keep it on.

By the time I was 13 I had a 38, and a 7mm mag, in my room.
If you parents don’t want you to have one you are kinda’ out of luck.
If you want to show your parents that you are responsible enough to have one. Get good grades, do your chores with out being asked to. Do extra stuff you are supposed to do. keep your room clean, don’t get in trouble in school. If none of that works ask them how you can show them you are responsible.
Normally there are two things going here,
one they don’t believe you hold the responsibility to do so, or
two they are afraid of guns. You are totally boned if they are the second type.
It could be cost but probably not, since they can be very cheap. But if that is the case earn the money your self somehow.


I usualy wear on of those paint ball masks when I play air soft that covers your whole face and then you dont have to worry about that