Anyone want to help me pick an airsoft gun?



I like woodland play and want a shotgun with a full stock. I like shell-fed shotguns, but want one with enough range to play woodland.

PS. Mods, I am not sure if discussing airsoft is allowed, so if it is against the rules, feel free to take down this thread :wink:


I haven’t played airsoft in ages. When I used to buy guns I usually never purchased online, unless it was bulk amounts of bbs. Try and find a local airsoft/paintball store and buy from them.

Walmart has a small selection, but their guns are kinda cheap. Sporting a goods stores such as Dicks or Sports Authority have a nicer selection than Walmart.

For the range problem you’re encountering just look around a for a gun you like, and check the FPS. Around 350fps goes a good distance, but starts to curve after about 40 or 50 yards. So I’d say 350+ is the way to go. Shotguns are usually made for close range, so they usually have great amounts of power, but don’t follow a straight line very well over far distances and loose tons of speed while flying far.


Yeah, I was looking into this one:


I’ve heard good things about these Tri-shot Shotguns, not sure how the range is though.

Just make sure you wear proper eye protection whatever gun you end up getting.


I had a Lancer Tactical before, but the Plastic housing was pretty weak and cracked. But yeah we all use goggles. I like to get up really close and move really fast when I play, that’s why I like shotguns.