Can’t wait! Going to play some airsoft tomorrow with my new p90! ;D Any of you guys play airsoft?

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I love airsoft! Awesome! What brand of p90?

I used to run a g&g m4 and kjw m9 but I decided I wanted more of a challenge so for around a year all I have ran is a Tokyo Marui hicapa 5.1. So excited for this summer to play more!

I used to play a ton, actually was on a team for two summers before everyone got older and got too busy. I used an M14, only 400 fps but that thing carries faaaaarrr! I was more of a sniper and I could hit someone at 100 yards.

I used the FN herstal p90. I play mostly cqb, and the limit is 350 fps, so I like to use smg sized guns.
My all time favorite is the G&G Firehawk with an 11.1 lipo. Thing’s a monster.

I always wanted one of those p90s :heart_eyes: How is it? :slight_smile:

Well, the mobility and movement is AMAZING. You can cover corners like it’s nothing. The only problem I have is the trigger, although I was never a fan of those to begin with. It’s a very fun gun to use overall.
I’d recommend it.

I always wanted one too but isn’t it a bit less accurate for long distance? For cqb it’s perfect but I usually played field over like 50+ acres so p90s were really pointless. I wanted to do cqb too just nowhere to do it near me lol

Yeah, it’s more of a close quarters gun. I play in HV Airsoft in upstate ny.