Does anyone know how much shipping is to the U.S. from Yoyoexpert? Thanks!

Priority mail. It depends on the weight. I guess from 5 dollars and up.

$4.95 for Priority Mail, and $10.95 (I think) for Express/Next Day Air.

I got mine the next day with Priority Mail!

That is only because you live a town away from where YoYoExpert is located.

Yeah… It’s a good thing.


Is Yoyo expert located where Andre Boulay lives?
Is there anything else besides priority shipping???
Thanks Guys and Gals!

You can also use express shipping, which is faster but more expensive.


Now it doesn’t make sense.

You are so lucky, dude.

Yep! ;D

In the U.S. you can ship priority and it will take 1-3 days to get there and will cost $4.95 unless there are 5 or more yoyos there and even then it still might be $4.95.

So is priority the least expensive?

No. First class is the least expensive but yoyoers generally use priority because it is the fastest that is worth the money.

Worth the money, yes. But not the fastest. Next-Day Air!


That is only because you live a town away from where Andre lives.


Away from
Close to

This is your language OK.

It’s either:

  • Live close to the town where YoYoExpert is located.
  • Live away from the town where YoYoExpert is located

YoYoExpert isn’t that. It’s Andre’s house. It’s like 155 Rolling something Lane.

It says it on the paper in the shipping box. Top right corner.

It’s not A2Z because A2Z is on King St. And there is no special buliding.