Disappointing Shipping Costs

(Spinworthy Glen) #1

I really like Yoyoexpert. They are a great store and are really friendly and helpful.

However, I barely purchase anything anymore because as of around 2 years ago, the international shipping went sky high.

Sure, basic international is still cheap, but with that option it takes about 2 months to arrive on my doorstep.

International priority used to be about $14 If I remember correctly, and it took almost exactly two weeks to arrive which is pretty good.

International priorriry is now $44!! :o

If it wasn’t for this, YYE would be getting more purchases from me.

It’s a shame. :frowning:


It’s not YYE. That’s just how much it costs.

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I have my doubts about that. I’ve ordered other things from the US international priority and they were much cheaper.

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I think I got it wrong. I think it may have been first class international they offered at the $14, not international priority.

I would like to have that option back for sure.


I would wonder if this is more about tracking costs. If you request tracking on international shipping it can get expensive fast; depending on the country. Maybe you can get YYE to use a different shipping method without tracking?


Yup, First Class costs $12 - $15 depending on the country. Priority is generally around $45. And both of these are way less expensive than any of the private companies. That’s generally all the options.


Usually it depends on the volume of business a given company does with a shipping provider. It’s possible (probable) for some companies to use their spend as leverage for significantly discounted rates that they can pass along


Our basic international shipping is still first class, so it’s actually cheaper now. :wink:

Unfortunately, shipping internationally is expensive, but we’re happy to try to work with you. Is there something in particular you are looking to buy? If you want to place a larger order we might be able to work out a shipping discount, just shoot us an email or send me a pm.



I will take note of this. :wink:

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Something with your basic shipping has to be different than before because it now takes at least twice as long to arrive, sometimes 4 times as long.

Thanks for the offer for the deal. I’ll contact you when I’m keen to make a purchase.


Well presumably the package still leaves the US within a few days so any delays are possibly on your end?


International shipping is rarely consistent. Even just going over the order to Canada some first class packages take 1-2 weeks and some take up to 4-5 weeks. It can definitely be frustrating, but there isn’t too much we can do about it unfortunately. Fedex is the best option to ensure fast reliable shipping times internationally.


USPS is just frustrating, that’s all it comes down to. It’s nothing that YYE is doing.

USPS First Class, now doesn’t include tracking to most countries. Last year it did. I just shipped to packages to Japan, got there and cleared within a week. Last package to Australia USPS First Class took almost a month, due to Australian customs. It got to Australia in 3 days.

USPS Priority is what you need for tracking and insurance now. Most countries for a small flat rate box is $33 with minimal insurance. Standard Priority mail is going to be around $42.

My personal opinion, having worked in a business where we ship a lot, Amazon has ruined peoples perception of shipping. Shipping is never “Free”, someone is paying for it. You are either paying for it in a product that has the price increased, or the company is eating the price of it, which will eventually cause prices to increase as well. Personally, I never have a problem paying shipping, even international. As long as the rates they’re charging are fair, as in what their postal system charges for the package. If a company is adding to it, then I usually wont buy from them.

The US Postal Service is a real mess right now, and doesn’t look to be getting better, that’s the real problem. YYE in my experience is real fair on their shipping fees, usually in line with USPS pricing, or lower.


It never ceases to amaze me how year after year; Canadian Post can fail so miserably at international post. The Canadians, however, are quite happy to avail themselves of the fabulous, inexpensive service the US Post grants them as a courtesy; so they can access the hundreds of millions of US consumers that receive this service. I send a package to Toronto and it costs $50. A package from Toronto, however, seems to be about $14 to me.


Just a general point here that the cheap shipping offered or incentivized by Amazon and eBay et al creates the expectation that shipping prices are lower than they really are.

As for delays, international items can (and will) get delayed in customs regardless of shipping method.


I’ve got some news!

I’ll be posting this to all our social media channels later today, but thought i’d let you guys know first:

  • Free First Class Shipping for US Orders over $50

  • Free Priority Shipping for US Orders over $100

  • Free Basic International shipping for Orders over $150

  • Free Upgraded International shipping for orders over $200

Hope this helps with any shipping concerns, let us know what you think!


p.s. There may even be a little halloween sale planned for later today, so if you wanted to get a larger order placed this would be the day to do it! :wink:


Oh heck yeah! Long live free postage!