So I went go check the shipping before I order, and this table popped up:

USPS First Class Mail International $7.00
Priority Mail International $20.00
Express Mail International (EMS) $26.95

Now, my question is, I sure don’t pay all of those, do I? These are just shipping options? I’m not actually going to pay $53 in shipping? Also, general experience with First Class Mail International shipping in general, and customs/duties coming to British Columbia, Canada. Any help is appreciated, sorry if this is the wrong forum.


No, they’re options. I haven’t had much expiriance with international shipping, but the yoyo should get to your house.


Thank you so much. I kind of jumped when I saw those fees. I’m pretty sure customs/duties shouldn’t be ridiculously high anyway, so thanks.


I read somewhere that customs are allowed to open express mail international without reason tho

it would be nice for them to email the invoice rather than join it, therefore we wouldn’t have to pay customs, as we already pay VAT when buying from the shop

some shops do this, it brings them more international orders