Need some information on Shipping.

Does anyone knows that price of shipping to Malaysia ?

Start your search here:

You’ll need to refine your options a bit since there’s a few choices for international shipping. Have the sender’s address and your address handy since you’ll need that information.

I think YYE charges $20 to ship stuff but there are other options. Their hands are limited based on the box sizes as to what they can cram in there and how. International shipping tends to be expensive. Just make sure your purchase can justify the shipping charges.

I don’t know which is which , kinda complicated … What about FedEx ?

Just pick a link from the United States Postal Service link that refers to international. You’ll probably want International First Class as it will be cheaper than International Priority Mail.

FedEx can be excessively expensive. I had to order a $700 part from the Czech Republic and the only way that company would ship was FedEx, and it was gonna cost me almost as much as the part to get it to me. This part didn’t even weigh 5 pounds. Mind you, I knew 90 days in advance I needed this part so theoretically, time should not have been an item of concern. Some areas, FedEx changes a super high price depending on where it’s coming from or where it’s going to. The online tool for price calculating is difficult to use and I’ve found to not be very accurate. I will say they will get it to you the fastest. It may be worth checking out.

Try a shipping forwarder like myus.
They calculate based on volumetric weight, so it could get as low as RM100.
A rule of thumb: don’t order too much, and don’t order too little either.

Theres so many first class , I don’t know which one is it

International First Class. It was the obvious choice and only choice.

Woahhh , the price of the shipment is …

Considering that the item most likely flew across the Pacific Ocean to China, then travels on land from there, the price is only fitting.
Any cheaper than that would be through the Japanese stores. Or as my recommendation, a shipping forwarder.