does any body know what kind of shiping to get from because theres like five and i was wondering is it the usps priority
p.s i live in california

Priority is the one we generally use. It takes between 1 and 3 days to arrive.

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thanks i was confused with all of them on the list

Ha ok. I would recommend either going priority so you don’t have to pay a ton of money but you get it fast, or go with the cheapest if you are willing to wait a bit longer.

how much is it for priority and how much is it for the cheapest one

The better question is what are you buying from Yomega and why? :wink:

Good point. I’m fine with it but why don’t you carry Yomega, André?

because i recently want to try about every brand if i can i have already tried yoyojam,yoyofactory,duncan, and spintastics and i wanted to try the hot shot

i remember he said an answer he said it was something like that some companies dont want to give some websites their products for them to sell because the would rather do it from their own websites or give the pr oducts to bigger compannies like yoyonation and yoyoguy and others