How many days does it take to ship a package off this web site.NEED HELP

If you order by noon, it ships same day and should get to you in no more than three days.

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they ship next day at the latest if it’s a business day.
And shipping (depending on what type you get) can take 1-5 days. I’ve never had it take 5 days, but I think the $3 shipping is supposedly 3-5 days. lol
The $3 and the $6 shipping always take the same time for me, so I don’t really know the difference.

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You should get it soon it takes 2-5 days but I will more then likely be 2-3 day till you get it unless the postal service screws something up.

depends on where you live

It almost always comes within two days if I order early in the day, and three if I order in the afternoon.

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I’m across the country. YYE in MA, I’m in CA.

My first order: ordered Monday night, got it Thursday.

second order had an issue due to the postal carrier doing something stupid. YYE got it back, went out on a Tuesday, got it Thursday.

YYE uses Priority Mail, which often takes 3-5 days to go across the country at a cheap flat rate.

I am actually an american living overseas so, It takes the package about 3-4 weeks even though my address is an american address.

I’m in Wisconsin, so, not that far away.

My last order was placed on a Wednesday morning and I received the package on Friday.