2-3 buisness days

tell me when it realy should get here i bought it tues day this week

no need to make a poll just start a new topic
by the way it will get there friday or saturday

It will get to you two days after it is shipped (You will get an email).

First of all, it’s spelled Saturday, not saterday. Second, to answer your question it will come in either two or three business days. You can never really tell whether it will be two or three.

Well, when I bought mine, I payed for it Saturday night, and I didn’t get an email until Sunday night telling me it has been shipped. So I got it on Wednesday- 3 business days.

Where do you live? Kim-Lan is right, but not exactly. I live a town away from Andre, so I got it the next day with priority mail. NEXT DAY! Good thing I live close to him. :stuck_out_tongue: