Shinwoo Zen series.

Hey everybody! I’m about to buy my next yoyo(intermediate). I want a full metal, under $50. And all i could find were the Shinwoo Zen’s. Are they any good? And what one would you recommend. And are there any others besides the Zens?

My preferences;
Good for string tricks<3
Standard size[slightly over size is fine]
Full Unresponsive
under 50
Good weight,
looks good.
long sleeping lol

I have never used the zens but I hear they play good.
and plus those are not the only 50 dollar all metals

rec rev sharp
duncan raptor

and theres more I dident cover… lots of options for cheap metals now

I have the zen 6, and have played the zen 2, 4 and 5. What I can say is they are great, capable enough for advance play.
They also quite durable, my friend’s zen 2 has many dings and still play smooth.

Sure there are some other yoyo on the same price range, but the zen won’t be a bad choice.

Shinwoo is often overlooked because it seems like no one knows they exist. Their yoyos easily play on par with yoyos in similar price brackets, namely the Dv888 an the Raptor. There is also the fact that they have 6 different yoyos with 5 different shapes (zen 2 has shape of zen something else. Zen 2 just has hubstacks), so anyone can find a shinwoo zen to fit their style.

since were on the topic of the shinwoo zens, how come there isnt a shinwoo zen 3? Only 1 2 4 5 6

there is a zen 3, just not sold at yye.