Shinwoo Zen 5 or Grand Yo?


Im currently looking to buy a yoyo that has smooth play ,good sleep time, a low price tag, and preferably can handle horizontal tricks. I saw the Shinwoo Zen 5 and loved the rims, but i also heard that the Grand Yo is quite smooth. I like both of their shapes, but it all comes down to the play. Which do you recommend? :smiley:

(UmeNagisa) #2

The grandyo!

The shape lends itself for what you want more


What’s the difference in play between them?

(UmeNagisa) #4

Pretty much completely different


I dont like them so much get a different yoyo


Im looking for a yoyo 60 or under, so do you have any suggestions? Im fine with any brand


For stuff here aiming at your wants:


Other stuff to check out:

YoYofficer Aura. Yes, serious. Going for around $50. It was designed for horizontal play. There may be other things that can do it better.

I think this King Yo Star Hop King might also fit well in there as well. It’s on the wider side of things though. $50 or so.

If you can step up to $64, the Capless and Firmy enter the picture.