Shinwoo Techno II

After creating a thread about needed a new yoyo for sleeping/string tricks, it was recommended to
me to get the aforementioned yo-yo, which really appeals to me from the description.
What’s your opinion of this yo-yo? (don’t want to spend over £20…closer to £10)
and also, this site sells it for $10 but the only othe site I could find selling it was FOR DOUBLE THE PRICE! why is the sale price so different?! Is it a different version or something?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Shinwoo Techno 2 is an amazing throw.
Comfortable shape, grindable, stable, good for horizontals.
Its price is 10$. It may vary in different stores because of the shipping and other stuff.
Techno 2 does not have any different versions (except special colorways). Every store has the same Techno 2 for different prices.
I definitely recommend it.

P.S. I don’t think you should mention other stores on YYE forum

Not too sure why its more, but it’s worth the $10 you would spend on it here. Hand’s down, the most bang for your buck.

Cheers guys!
Yeah it did look very attractive in the description xD and it just shocked me how much the price varied…I assumed there was a catch… :stuck_out_tongue:
And in future Ill try to avoid mentioning other stores…though I doubt it would hinder this one - the other store was extortionate! :smiley: