Shinwoo Loop review

As the name says its a 2a yoyo, it from the makers of Zen. I wanted to start 2a and couldn´t afford a pair of sunsets or loop 720 so got a pair of this. They cost 7USD or
so a pair is 14 USD.

Here are some specs:

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 30mm
Gap: 2.5mm
Respomse system: Starburst
Bearing size: A(5x10x4 mm)

Here are some pics:

The review:

First looks: The yoyo comes with an extra sting, the yoyo has some unsmooth mould marks, some of the paint on the side. caps cam scraped off, other than that looks ok. But what can you expect from a 7 dollar yoyo.

Play: Came responsive out of the box, so that good. It can do hop the fence and loop the loop well, I am a complete begginer on 2a so I would say it good for begginers.
If I hit it softly with my nail it feels and sounds kind of cheap and hollow, but for 7 dollars with a bearing its a steal.

I know this isn´t one of thooses long and good reviews but here are my final thoughts:

Its a good yoyo to start basic 2a, for 7 USD with a bearing its very good. I would say that if you don´t want to spend 25-40 USD on a pair of 2a yoyos get this.

nice review and nice pics