Loop 808/360

I’ve never done a review before so leave suggestions on what to do better!

This yoyo caught my attention right when I heard about it for two reasons, pad response, and the price. As soon as I got the email about the pre-release I knew I had to buy some.

First thoughts: Insane cap art. Sadly the caps rattle a lot so I took a suction cup to it and popped them off of each yoyo. The plastic has a very soft but solid feel. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t feel like it’s as “sticky” as a protostar but isn’t completely soft to the point that if it were a wider gap sized yoyo it would grind well.

On a loop: You can really feel when the yoyo is coming back. It snaps at your finger a bit but not as much as an unleashed. It has a mid level loop so it’s in the ideal place for anyone who wants to get into 2a or the experienced 2a veteran. I wish the loop was a tad bit lower but I’m not going to complain because its still a steal for 12 dollars a hand.

Pros: Long spin times for nice wraps and around the world type tricks.
Very nice on the wallet.
snappy returns.
little to no change needed.
Dry bearings are always nice in my opinion for 2a yoyos
Pad response is way better than starburst IMO ;D

Cons: Caps rattle a lot. Easily fixed by popping them out though :slight_smile:

Other thoughts: These are going to be my 2a pair for any upcoming contests I do.

Bottom line: Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran or someone in the middle(like me :D) buy a pair, you will not be disappointed. :wink: