Is the YYJ Unleashed a good looping yoyo?

Would it be good for a beginner like me? I’m getting 2 so when I become good a looping I could start 2a even though I’m right handed :smiley: thank you.
P.S. 2a seems to be a dying art these days, I’m going to try to get my friend into 2a and into other styles :smiley:

Yes. Its great

Will it be good for a beginner like me? :smiley:

Maybe you should get the Yomega Raider.

That yoyo is really darn good for Pros AND beginners.

I liked mine a lot.

Also the Loop 360 and Shinwoo loop are cheaper options that work just as good. :wink:

Im a noob to 2a and i love it

I do alot of 0a, and for both i would recomend the loop 808, its almost as good, just a little light

Do not get a 360. It is a worse 808

Yomega raiders eventually get unresponsive and just arent responsive enough to me, even heavily lubed

I learned how to loop with the loop 360. So maybe they are good for newbies trying to loop for the first time. It’s a very responsive looper. Beyond looping with 1 hand, I don’t know.

In an unrelated note: can u use normal pads (CBC, IrPad, etc.) for c3yoyodesign yoyos that use their custom pads. (Motivation, di base 2, etc.) instead of their custom pads? Could u use clyw snow tires?

If you want a good beginner looper, I would try maybe a loop 360

I’m working on 2a and its great, i like it better than all my other 2a throws Ive tried, better than the 808, modded hyper raider, raider, and fireball.

On my h5 and dark sonic I wasn’t able to use regular cbc pads. Cbc pads are 19mm and the pads in the h5 and dark sonic were 21mm. If you find pads that are 21mm they might work.

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