Shinwoo Griffin wing yoyo (4A)

Hi. I was looking to get a 4A yoyo, but don’t want to go above 20$. I was considering flying panda, but don’t really wana replace friction stickers (while on that topic, could i use it without friction stickers?). But anyways, I saw the Shinwoo Griffin wing yoyo, and wondered if anyone A) knew if ti was good, or b) could post a video of it in action. Thanks!

The bigyo is 22.50+the five dollar shipping you’ll pay any where… So its not too much over your budget and alot of people reccomend the bigyo for beginners

Thanks. I would still like a review of the Griffin wing, but thanks for your input.

If can’t post links like this please just tell me, but I think I should be OK.,29197.msg330534.html#msg330534

I have to warn you though I’ve heard mixed reviews of this breaking.  Look at the reviews of it at YYN.

I suggest you pay about $3 more and get a hayabusa (SL) or a BigYo2. One more suggestion is to try searching google, as this is how I got this review.

Thanks. I’ll probably look into a hayabusa or bigyo since those are what everyone tells me to get. This thread has no more point being open.