Shinwoo Dolphin or DV888

I want an undersized budget throw, so I am looking at these two. If you have played with both of them, please compare and contrast them and give your recommendation.

Why not consider the Shinwoo Zen yoyos? Most are the same price as the dv888

I’ve been playing Magic yoyos a lot lately and have been really liking them. Might be something worth considering. The T5 is pretty sweet.

The Zen series are all full sized. I plan on getting some of them, but right now I want something under 2 inched in diameter.

I’ve had a DV888 for a few months now and it definitely is a fantastic undersized throw.

It’s small, but doesn’t feel too small. The gap and string catch zone is perfect for an all around throw.

I’ve played mine until I had to sand the rims down if that’s any indication as to how hard this throw was used.

I’ve never used a Dolphin, but I hope this helps at least a little bit.