shatterFX feedback!


Bought a YYF Alta and a Zeekio Psycho Spin, he had them shipped next day, and they were packaged very well! Also threw in some bundles of strings extra, and they’re really nice! Awesome throws!

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #2

hows the alta?


I love it, great throw. Came mint as promised, and is super smooth. The rims are super thick and it plays super heavy on the string. It’s also got a finished surface for grinds, and the pink color looks great!

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Bought a peak 2 from shatterfx. Yoyo was shipped the next day. It was packaged very nicely and came with 2 area 44 stickers. This was my first bst experience and it went very smoothly. Would not hesitate to buy from again.

(Dustin) #5

Bought a ART Woofa from @shatterFX and I love it! It is minty fresh and no vide. It was shipped really fast and arrived quickly.


Purchased a Recess Snack from Tyler shatterFX. Everything went smoothly, and item was as described. Fast shipping as well. Would make deals again without hesitation.

(David Hough) #7

I traded with Tyler and he shipped the next day and the yoyo was most definitely MIB. No worries here.