Shape help...

I am so torn between the two shapes of these yoyos because I like both. Vote and post pleeeeze.

And I don’t want anyone telling me it’s based on preference, because my preference is BOTH. It really hacks me off when people tell me that. Enough.

You really just have to stare at both of them for a while because they are fairly different shapes. I’m sorry to say this, but it is preference and while you can like more than one shape you will always have one that is your absolute favorite.

Do you do alot of snap starts?

btw, i went with the alchemy, its less popular and im into that.

Heh! I snapstart Bigyo’s!

youre a mad man! MAD I TELL YOU!

As you can see here, the Dv888 is a slanted shape with flat rims. The CUlater is more of a nattow shape with a quick-cut curve as it’s rims. The CUlater is more “narrow”, but the Dv888 has more cut and shape than the CUlater. I prefer the CUlater. Alchemy is very popular, and most players have them. It’s just that they’re not known enough to make that statement. The Dv888 and YoYoFactory is very popular! YoYoFactory is known world wide, and very many players choose them. Even I say they’re great! Take a look at this, and see what you prefer: