SHAME on THOMASDALECOX - favorably resolved

So me and Thomas made a deal 50$ for some of my throws he tells me he will send the money first not to sell the yoyos he’s mailed the money. Well he only lives in Florida, I’m in ga, he sent the 11th it should have got to me by now so I message him, and ask hey did you send the money? It should be here, he never replies. Now keep in mind at this point I’ve turned down 2 offers cause he told me he’s sent the money, so I message him a day are 2 after the first hey your money’s not here did you send it, did it get lost in the mail, what happened,let me know please. No reply finally today I send him a message hey I don’t believe you’ve sent the money, if you can’t get back with me in a day are 2 I’m re listing them so if you sent the money you better message me and let me know. He gives me no reply. All these messages were through text I thought hey mybe he can’t text so I send him a pm here, nothing. Plus the 2 guys I turned down already have bought so he basically ruined two of my deals and I got nothing. He didn’t even have the descents to tell me what happened and he won’t even reply to me I do not recommend a sale buy are trade with him he won’t get in touch with you and he might do to you what he did to me be careful

Ok Thomas finally got back in touch with me he apologized and made things right he understood what he did and fixed it he’s a good guy but he just had alot going on I guess

You might want to edit the name of the post, so it doesn’t give the guy a bad reputation.

I don’t know how to change the names of post he did wrong at first but after a long talk he decided to fix things with me