SF Yoyos BD

I’m quite sure I’ve ordered unknown, but do you remember what the colour options were available?

The yoyo is amazing, and the note was written by someone who knows Czech or decided to look up the meaning of my last name. Incredible buy all around!


There was also Clear and Rose plus maybe one more IIRC

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so far 4 of the Un designs have been shown here.

ill be quite sad if i dont ge the illuminati/triangles one
ill be quite mad if i get the edgy quote one, seriously why ruin it with words ?
ill be quite amused if i get both :upside_down_face:

Anyone willing to send me a pic of the profile of the yoyo


Here’s mine, same on both sides. I’m very happy with it.


Any Euro or UK peeps got theirs yet?

Still nothing mate

i still dont have tracking, and the way they run their website i cant access order details to see if its shipped or not.

I’m in Florida and still waiting by my mailbox :saluting_face:

I also haven’t received a response to the email I sent a while back nor the IG DM I sent them earlier this week :frowning:

I don’t think anyone who’s received theirs got a tracking number afaict.

Still nothing? I wonder if it has been posted yet, usually takes 7-10 days for the parcels to get here.

Yeah still nothing

My friend bundled our orders together to save on international shipping, and they managed to get a tracking number on Monday in response to a dm with SF.

i understand the wish to keep it a surprise, but i hope they release the tracking by email after a set time.

not everyone has competent post system in their country :melting_face:

True, surprises are always better when they are kept for later on! I think its a good idea to keep posting about new news but stuff like pictures and everything like that kinda ruins it

Not really, for me at least. At this point it’s been close to 5 months so any info about the yo-yo is interesting.

Finally got this here in the UK

Anyone keen on swapping half’s? I would let go the one with the eye :stuck_out_tongue:


Took the most indirect route possible without crossing an ocean first, but these two finally arrived in Canada.