New YoyoFactory DOGMA!

This is Hulio Baklanos’s new yo-yo, by YoyoFactory. It looks great, and the original galaxy colorway is back too. If you have any more details, post up.

Photo from @YoyoFactory IG.

Gosh that’s beautiful.

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yyf has really been knocking the ball our of the park lately…


The one on the right would look great as a YoyoExpert Edition. ;D

it would… i know your already dreaming of the yoyoexpert edition…

Love the shape, looking forward to seeing the full specs and retail price

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Finally! The oh-so-beautiful original Galaxy has reared it’s head again! drools

Couldn’t agree more! I picked up a Cyborg a short while back and it truly is a fantastic yoyo by any standards. One of the best YYF have ever made imo.

Consider me sold! I’ll buy any yoyo with that colourway. If it’s anywhere near 67.5g I’ll be positively thrilled! Even if NathanC won’t be… :wink:

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Latest YYF’s design all look like TP’s,I don’t really know what to think about it.It makes a cheap alternative to TP but it’s kinda weird,MYY has some design that looks like an other company’s yoyo,everyone is mad but if it’s yyf it’s ok.I know TP’s and YYF’s owner know each other but still.


^This is a TPxYYF collab. Don’t flame if there isn’t any fuel.

(You missed a comma)
(Why correct someone’s grammar if yours isn’t perfect?)

I was wondering who on earth Hulio Baklanos was… until I realised it was Igor Galiev’s instagram name. facepalm ;D

The original name was HULIO.

I have one Gambit, and this is the unreleased TP X YYF throw I was talking about…

I will post a review on this later. It truly lives up to how it looks.

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Aha! We have a man on the inside… this is good news indeed. looks around all shifty-like

Look forward to hearing what you thought of it man. :slight_smile:

the more i look at it the more the steady hunger for it grows…

I’ve always loved YYF but they’re starting to become my new “buy first, ask questions later” company with top notch play combined with consistently aggressive pricing, awesome colorways and variety in feel.

So to compare with the YYJ Karma?

Dude, it’s a joke: Karma…Dogma?

My karma ran over my dogma…

terminal dogma

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Looks great. Wasn’t sure which of the TP-collab YYF yoyos to go for but if the specs are anywhere near what I enjoy, this is going to be a buy.

I know one similar to that, but I’d rather not say it here.