You may have seen this recently on the forums or on instagram that YYF has released a new throw, the DOGMA. This signature of Igor Galiev is the next great USA made Premium anodized throw from YoYoFactory. For now: Let’s take a look:

The DOGMA is a complete beast. Turning Point owner, Kentaro Kimura, helped design this signature. As you can see in the above picture, the DOGMA has multiple-cuts in the gap. This design is found in many of TP’s yoyos. (Shake, Isotope, Positron…) In addition, the anodization is spectacular. I choose the galaxy colorway as my choice. The other colorway, black/white/grey is the other main release… I won’t spoil too much, but get ready to see some limited colorways like the HORIZON they posted on instagram. #yyfsummertime

Time to get serious:

Specs: Sorry. Got none for now.

Let’s take a look at the gap: The DOGMA has a gap that is similar to that of a Genesis SS. (See Below.) What makes this play unique is the gap. The multiple-step cuts make it play amazing. It really plays like a PREMIUM Made In the USA TP! (Just comparing…)

The Finish:
The finish on the DOGMA is not a full on blast nor is it polished. It is like a light blast similar to many of YYF’s throws. (Cyborg/AVIATOR finish)

Comparison Pictures:

Here are some pictures so you can see for yourself:

Oh and Galaxy stuff!

Why/Who/Get it!
If you love the Shake from Turning Point, you will love the DOGMA. The Shake and the DOGMA are very similar in shape both gap and the multi-angled cuts. Or if you like TP in general. Additionally, if you like the Cyborg 1 or 2, there is almost no doubt you will like this. You just can’t be disappointed in either performance or the looks!



Total Eye-gasm

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Dogma specs:

weight 65.7 grams

diameter 56.6 mm

width 42.6 mm

note… width and diameter rounded up to the nearest 10th

note 2… my digital caliper will not reach deep enough to give an accurate gap measurement. So I cheated alittle to at least get a fairly accurate effective gap measurement. I break out: nickels, dimes, quarters, pennies. I fit various combinations of coins into the gap until the edges of the change touch the outer bearing surface. Then I use the caliper to measure the width total of the coin stack I just fit into the bearing gap.

in this instance, the width of the gap is approximately 4.6mm.

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Great concise review, and I love the comparison shots. I can’t wait to get one of these now. Thanks Dragonegs! ;D

I prefer Cyborg 2.0 to the original. Is DOGMA most similar to the original Cyborg or the 2.0? I own a Shake too, so I have something else to compare the shape to. Nice job.

That thing ticks every single box for me. Love the shape, love the specs, LOVE the colourway. Thanks for taking the time to write up that review and take those fantastic pictures. ;D

I barely played the Cyborg 2.0… But the DOGMA has a gap similar to the Cyborg 2.0 The diameter for the DOGMA is about 56.6 mm as yoyodoc said. And the Diameter for for Cyborg 2.0 is 57. While Cyborg 1.0 is 55.45 mm from YYE… So I would say a mix. And mabye mix in a proton do get a real mix.

Very seldom do I ever get a New Yoyo and decide to make it my ‘carry Yoyo’ the very same day.

To me, the Dogma is an Exceptional Yoyo.

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Buy It Now!:

It intrigues me why they specifically went to change the usual TP gap/wall shape

I had my hands on a Dogma the other day when at BAC but the endless amount of shoving kids at the booth made me opt out of doing such, had my hands on a red, silver and blue splash colored one and was being sold at half off. Oh well…can’t switch back time :slight_smile:

Why don’t someone does a Yoyofactory cyborg 2.0 review.