New YoYoFactory DOGMA Now Available!

YoYoFactory teamed up with Kentaro Kimura of Turning Point once again to create an amazing competition level throw! Their latest collaboration is the signature yo-yo for 3 time Russian National Champion Igor Galiev! This is the Dogma!

When YoYoFactory and Kentaro get together you know they’re going to come up with something amazing, and the Dogma is just that! The Dogma has a perfectly balanced weight distribution that gives it a super stable and long lasting spin while keeping it very maneuverable and nimble feeling on the string. It’s one of those yo-yos that doesn’t really have that “get to know you” period, just pick up the Dogma and get ready to lace your favorite combo!

The Dogma is made in America, fitted with a Center Trac bearing, and with amazing colorways like the Galaxy Edition it will look just as good in your case as it will performing on stage!

Such fire

The Galaxy edition looks incredible.

It sure does. by Total Artist, on Flickr

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