New YoyoFactory DOGMA!

People tell me stories without saying a word… So I listen.

love Hulio Baklanos! This thing looks great =)

Look at this beauty. But you think this should be your next buy let’s save for it.

Then some thing other releases then let’s buy this .

Then you end up buying stuff you weren’t thinking off.

I got this from Yoyofactory’s page, as it relates to info on the DOGMA, and it’s price.

“usa made, premium anodize… probably aviator / cyborg 1 money.”

So, it will cost about $109. I’m putting funds aside for this one.

Looks really good. I’m not usually a fan of YYF aesthetics but I love the galaxy colourway.

My teacher has that bumper sticker ;D

Darn. I only have $50 saved.

I more worry about the release date. I’ll probably end up buying one regardless of those two factors. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Dragonegs was so kind to draft a quick review, with some great comparison photos too.  :wink:,84387.msg945658.html#msg945658

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I finally got a chance to throw my new Dogma. It’s crazy good too. When I first saw the black/grey/silver version, I thought it was a photo teaser for a yo-yo splash with color. Basically, I thought it was a black and white photograph of a color yo-yo. Then, I realized that it really looks like that, which is pretty amazing. I want to eventually get both versions, but I know I have to move fast, because they are limited.

Photo of my Dogma. by Total Artist, on Flickr