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Sup. You want yoyos and I need money. If you need more info, shoot me a message!

NO TRADES. $3-$5 Domestic shipping depending on how far from Ohio you are. Pm for international inquiries.

  1. SOLD! Sf × Core Co. BFF - Black with silver rings. Mint and dead smooth :ok_hand: SOLD!

  2. Smashing Yoyos Crucible - SLVR & BLK edition. No ■■■■■■■■■ One tiny scratch that’s totally unfeelable and you have to really look for it to find it. Smooth. $80

  3. SOLD! Doctor Popular Icarus Prototype - Mint and absolutely smooth. This is a proto, so the hub holes are a bit smaller and the schmoove is a bit less aggressive. 1/5 I believe? SOLD!

  4. Duncan Raptor 2018 - It has a noticeable fingernail vibe, but it’s smooth on the string. It’s near mint. You can see little notches on the caps where I used a sharp object (cant say k n i f e) to take them off along with a couple microscopic scratches in the cup. Plays great, but I’m not into small yoyos anymore. $30

  5. Yoyofactory 888 B-grade - It’s dead smooth, but you’ll feel something on the fingernail because parts of the ano are slightly raised. That’s why it’s a b grade. Same style as the '07s. Mint. $$ offer I guess? Idk.

  6. Yoyofactory Czech Point Pivot Delrin - Mint. Has the slightest fingernail buzz on super hard throws, but other than that it’s smooooth. Unengraved A-grade. $30

  7. Knot Creators Shibari - Looks mint, but not on the inside because the outer most bit of threads is stripped on one half. I initially thought I trashed it, but it’s barely stripped so it screws together perfectly fine now. Has a tiny fingernail vibe, but it’s dead smooth on the string. $25

  8. Yoyoempire Ting - This is the one, guys. The “Wife’s not home” Ting from Kyle Stewart. It plays amazingly well and is in great condition. The rims are obviously sparked because Kyle’s wife wasn’t home, but all things considered, it’s legendary. I’ve recently obtained a titanium for sparking, so it’s time to pass this on. Off-Road Yoyo fans only lol. $25
















Are you sure that Icarus is a prototype? I got out my definitely-not-a-prototype Icarus and I see zero difference in the size of the holes around the rim?

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Yes sir! I was a Patreon supporter for Doc Pop and he offered his “beta tester” level supporters the chance to buy one of the protos! I haven’t played a production one, but he said the holes would be bigger and the schmoove would be deeper on them. If you’re curious, I could always message Doc to get him to confirm it.

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We can just ask him! @DocPop is that a prototype? It really looks the same (as far as the holes go anyway) as my not-prototype.

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It is. I can’t recall all of the differences, but you can tell this is a proto from the laser etching. We inverted the laser etching on the final version


The logo is the acid test then. The holes look identical to me on the proto and the release though!

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Thanks @DocPop I appreciate it!

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SF × Core Co. BFF and Doc Pop Icarus both sold!

The final changes to the Icarus (compared to the proto) is :
1.Widen the fingerspin area to about 22.08mm
2.New Icarus logo.(As for this ,we hope you can send me new PDF/AI format of the logo.)
3.Increase the size of the holes to 1.6mm
4.Widen the "schmoove groove"to 1.8mm


Still have the 888 bgrade?


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