SF Bliss questions

After seeing @Mazdarx7FD’s reviews of the top-tier competition Vs recently, I got a little curious about the SF Bliss, and I have a couple of questions:

  1. How good is the Bliss, really? It was hailed as a potential Draupnir killer. I know that it isn’t, but how close did it get?
  2. Was hot pink one of its regular production run colors?
  3. How often do they show up on BSTs?

The bliss is a very good yoyo. It is a completely different yoyo from draupnir. Bliss plays just slightly above a medium speed and draupnir is one of the fastest yoyo ever. Bliss is even more powerful than draupnir due to 17.7g of rim weight. It is suited more for tech players who want a super long spinning yoyo with a big catch zone. The rim weight is so much it kinda kills the momentum in speed combos, but it is perfect for a player like Paul Harness who carries the yoyo and emphasize his tricks.


I agree with @Mazdarx7FD. The Bliss doesn’t move nearly as fast as you would think a 63.something v shape would. There is so much concentrated rim weight, that probably has something to do with it. It’s probably the most stable yo-yo i ever owned though, and sleeps forever. Huge catch zone, hard to tilt.

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It’s a good yoyo if you like Vs - I sold mine because it didn’t regen well but that’s V life for you

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I sold mine because it was too heavy feeling so I didn’t like it for 1A and the shape wasn’t good for 5A. And at this point I’m probably never getting an SF again