New Release! The SF YoYos BLISS!


SF Yoyos entered the yo-yo scene kind of mysteriously without giving too much information. They just offer great yo-yos at great prices and now they have a whole team and lineup of amazing throws. This is the signature model for SF team member Paul Harness – The Bliss!

Paul Harness, or the ‘Yoyoist’ as you may know him from instagram, has a great style and consistently amazes us with his videos. As the 4X Idaho state champ and PNWR Regional champ he needs a yo-yo that can really perform, and the Bliss does just that!

The Bliss is a fast lightweight bi-metal with beautifully smooth finish and a fantastic overall look. It has a nice comfortable feel in the hand and a power on the string that is hard to achieve with such a lightweight design. Everything about the Bliss feels just right, and I can’t wait to stop writing this so I can get back to throwing it!

Releasing 4/26 @ 8PM EDT!