severe vs burnside

i was woundering if any one had a opinion about these yoyos. i love one drop but all my friends say the severe is awesome [normaly i have a different opinion than my freinds so im asking you]. i have done my research and the severe looks great but i dont know if its worth the extra 15 dollars. thanks for answering

your fellow yoyoer: ;opossomyoyoer


burnside is much better. really smooth, stable, but fast too

Def not worth the extra money I my opinion. I think the burnside would be worth spending more on.

Burnside definitely. If High Speed YoYo had an annual awards celebration I would have made the Burnside best yoyo of 2011.

Iam definetely in agreement with everyone else. The burnside is phenomenal. Best competition throw you will get for that price. But of course iam biased. :slight_smile: