Severe noise?

OK, so I was wondering that my Severe 2010 makes a nice fair amount of noise I’m comfortable with. And then in the videos Tyler’s Severe is like quiet. So I’m wondering is my Severe 2010 making a bad noise and should be more quiet?

The video is probably edited so you can’t hear the bearing noise. Also, most bearings make at least a little noise. :slight_smile:

It’s not edited for sure. And it does make some noise, just not as much as my loud Severe.

all bearings make different noise’s, some louder than others, if you severe is unresponsive, and smooth than you bearing is fine.

Johnny you couldnt have said it any better every bearing is different and also tyler may have used some thin lube on his recently which would reduce the noise.

But it should be more on the level of his, even though it’s a different bearing.

Is it responsive? Cause thats wat happened to mine and and a thread of the string got into the bearing and made it responsive but if its unresponsive then your fine.


Then just enjoy it :wink:

I am. I’m just wondering…


It’s fine :wink:

Will it be fine if I clean it?

How SEVERE is the noise? :smiley:

I want this thread to be serious, not messing around.

as long as your bearing is spinning freely and your yoyo is unresponsive you shouldnt mess with it. (If it aint broke dont fix it mentality) Although if the noise really is bothering you that much put a drop of thin lube in the bearing.

Cleaning it won’t help. I don’t understand why it matters to you, just because it’s not like Tyler’s. YoYos sound different. Many things sound different.

It sounds completely different. And it should at least sound somewhere near his.

No, not really.

depends on the bearing mostly. thin lube it if you want it quieter. though it may make it more responsive occasionally. a lot of my bearings are very quiet but responsive, but i can still do all the tricks normally. i just have to be smooth.

Any dry bearing is going to make noise no matter what. It’s metal spinning against metal, in a metal yoyo (which amplifies the noise). If the noise bothers you that much, put a TINY TINY TINY bit of chapstick in. We’re talking like, a pin tip. This is a trick i learned from Mikhail Tulabut because we were tired of getting thin lube all over our hands, lol.

It might be responsive for a few minutes, but after it plays in, you’ll be wondering why it’s so quiet ;).

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