SEVERE, etc.


So here’s the thing, I’ve always wanted a SEVERE since they came out except they’re a tad too expensive for me, lol.
So I was looking for a SEVERE or some other high-end metal yoyo, and the seller’s gotta be willing to ship to Kuwait, I know it’s annoying…
Anyhow, tell me what you’re willing to sell/trade, and I’ll tell you what I got.
I could trade a DS for a Frantic for example, etc…
So tell me what you’re willing to sell, and hopefully we’ll figure something out :wink:


Save your money, then you can get a SEVERE…

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I suggest just simply saving for it. Sure it can take time but it’s worth it. the SEVERE is a great metal.


Haha, think I haven’t tried?.
People, i live in Goddamn Kuwait…there is no such thing as ‘yoyos’ here.

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First of all, please don’t use any type of foul language on this forum.
And I don’t think living in Kuwait doesn’t have a major impact on price. The only big difference is Shipping which I think is only about $10 more. You could ask Samad or others who live out of America for more info or just contact yoyoexpert themselves.


Why are you trying to “help” on a BST thread?
Let him do what he wants. Relax, and don’t be a ------ because you think there are better ways for him to give him what he wants.

And get your facts straight - I live in California.


Foul language, haha…
its $30 more buddy…

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Wow I Fail.


Took the words right out of my mouth.
Thank you so much.

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