Setting up?

Ok, so i am looking at setting up to start making my own yoyo strings and will be distrubting in the aus yoyo comunity. But before I start with the distrubion side of things I need to know how to make a good string.
So I am asking all you fine string makers to help me out a little, and hook me up with some of the basic knowledge needed for making bulk lots of strings.

Things like:

  • The length of string before twisting
  • How to do colour and material combinations
  • A good length to distribute

and any other good bits of info you feel will help me out which will inturn help out all us aussie yoers.

Any help will be very much appriciated, if you dont want to tell your trade secrets to the general public fee free to send any info via PM’s.

Thanks in advance


  1. The length of string before twisting depends on how long you want the string to be. if you want the string to be 50 in. then make the string before twisting around 120 inches. The string will get smaller while twisting.

2.You wrap the string around the things you are using as many times as you want, then secure that. Then tie the other material/color to the same setup. When you twist you should have two color/materials. Kinda hard to explain.

  1. I tink James Reed (Who sells his own strings) sells the strings 52 inches long. That’s a good string length because people can cut it to exactly how long they like string to be.

If you need anymore help, let me know. :slight_smile:

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well first find out what your sting is going to be made out of 100% poly or a mix of threads as for colors what i do is i will get all the colors that i want and tape the ends down then i will take one roll of thread at a time and wrap it like you would make sting (i do 3 of every color) then cut and tape the ends at the SAME PLACE I DID THE FIRST TIME then i take all of the string on the tape and tie a knot to the ones on the hook leaveing one end for drilling also when you let the sting wrap its self upp get a metal hanger untwisted it and and put something on it then wrap it back to geather and use it like a yoyo geting your tenchon right when its stops slide your sting off i will post pic so this will make sence give me a hour or so

Once its twisted, no slack… or its pretty much a B-Grade String. Add around 1.5 ft for twisting… at least for me.

That was really hard to understand, have a look again throught the post and try and interpt for me. But thanks for the info.

Here, I’ll try… W8… Look here I made this 6 months ago?,12627.0.html

thanks man that was exactly what I have been after. I will have to experiment with the lenghts but.